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  • Tree down, but James didn’t share with Victor

    We had been on the hunt for a bees nest near Gobela Bar & Grill.  This time of the year, tiny bees start hovering around Gwango Heritage Resort.  They have no stingers and look like little flies.  They annoyingly seek out moisture in your eyes and ears. It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

    Last night a huge rainstorm came through, and with it a strong wind.  We found this morning, a massive teak tree had been yanked from its roots.  It now lay spread across the Kalahari sand near our volleyball court - as if in defeat.


    As Danny and I arrived, Victor rushed hurriedly towards our vehicle with news that a big tree had fallen and ALMOST crushed our generator room.  We were then also told that the bees nest had been found on this same tree..  it was hidden in a cavity amongst the higher branches. 

    Victor’s face then broke into a high smile (you all know that smile).. “madam” he said, “James didn’t share the honey” – apparently these bees produce some of the best honey around. 

    The last time a hive was taken down, James had reportedly shared the honey with all the camp staff, but not today!  The honey was already removed before anyone else had a chance to get some.

    I was just relieved that we’d no longer be hounded by those pesky little bees...