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  • Shortage of cooking oil

    I’m not one to grumble about Zimbabwe’s economy and food prices, but I had a share this picture from our recent visit to a TM Store in Bulawayo. At Gwango, we generally prefer not to cook with much oil at all. Most meals are prepared with olive oil and natural fat from meats and vegetables.

    However, when it comes to usage in the staff kitchen - our staff uses far too much cooking oil!  This has been a topic of many conversations.  We have tried to emphasize over and over again that too much oil is unhealthy - artery clogging, etc. etc.

    Well – bingo!  Cooking oil is in short supply all of a sudden in Zimbabwe (for reasons I don’t fully comprehend).  We obviously have no choice but to reduce the supply of cooking oil around here.  Quite the silver lining...

    I was pleased as punch to send this picture to the Gwango team on whatsapp!