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  • A scorpion stings Husky

    This was the night we didn’t sleep at all!  Our dogs are like family to us.  We were walking from our loft towards the dining room at the lodge at night, Husky normally goes most places with us.  He pranced ahead excitedly - glad to be outside. Suddenly, Husky leaps 2 meters in the air yelping in agony! He’s been bitten by a scorpion on his left back foot.

    The most horrific experience we’ve ever had with our dog.  He’s survived poisoning in the past, will he make it through the night??  He’s been frothing at the mouth, and gagging ferociously.  We frantically called several vets and all their advice is the same, we have to wait and see if he makes it through the night. He seems to calm down if we sit beside him (the blood flow is slower if he’s calm so the neurotoxins in the scorpion venom don’t travel so quickly through his body??).  Danny and I will watch over him all night. Poor soul.... and even in as he is engulfed with pain, he seems most concerned about not wanting to disappoint us.

    When I stand up, he tries to stand too, but his legs are shaky.. the bite of a bite scorpion has engulfed him.

    UDPATE: Husky is back to normal and appears to have recovered fully.