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  • It's raining upon Africa

    These past weeks we have received an enormous amount of rainfall. Viewing an African thunderstorm from the comform of a Tree Top Villa at Gwango Elephant Lodge is one of the most spectacular experiences.  Watch as deep purple bolts light up the sky and experience the crash of thunder.

    We have a crew hard at work on the expansion of Gwangos facilities, so this is bitter sweet.  On the one hand, we need the water, but.. let’s face it, the rains ... well they make for a little more interesting working environment - especially when you’re doing a whole lot of construction...!

    The forest around us is vibrant, lush and growing with life.  This - as you can imagine, has made our elephants very happy.  There’s a feast in all corners of the wilderness.


    Many of our game drive roads (less traveled due to Covid) have become overgrown. So, we have our work cut out for us.  We’ll spend the next several weeks rediscovering, finding and clearing the roads overrun with prolific vegetation on the Gwango Estate.