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  • Prosciutto and Red Wine Pairing

    For years, Danny has told me stories of his grandfather's proscuitto. Apparently at the family vineyard in Argentina, his grandfather prepared this special meat known as procuitto!

    Well - tonight, I had a taste of the delicate Italian style ham. This fatty cut of meat is cured to perfection and served raw.


    We normally provide the hors d'oeuvres when guests stay with us at Gwango, but tonight, the accolates go to our special guests from Spain. George and Josep surprised us to the most remarkable prosciutto and red wine pairing!

    Of course, while I savoured the buttery texture, Jesep reminded me that I was in fact enjoying a Spanish delicacy (he gave it a different name)... Danny insisted it's Italian proscuitto.  

    What's an African girl to do but smile and say... OOH LA LA!!