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  • Mugabe Resigns

    A new President in Zimbabwe!!! 

    You read that right!  For the first time in 38 years, our country will have a new President!  The people call him Garwe, which means crocodile in the Shona language.  With the stealth of a crocodile – he took the helm.  In an operation titled “Operation Restore Legacy”, spearheaded by Army General Chiwenga, and a masterfully coordinated force of military personnel our country regained its freedom..

    On the eve when former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe announced his retirement, even tourists were celebrating here in our bush camp with rounds of beer for everyone!!!..... As for me and Danny, we sat in the back of our lodge by the fireside with our construction crew and staff and talked about what this meant for them.. with no television or newspapers here, we brought our team the good news.

    I wish mom could have lived to see this day. This change is very personal - a new era for our country, one which my mother wanted so badly to see.  Mom was the first woman in Africa to run for President when she formed a political party in opposition to Mugabe.  She was a fearless symbol for women in our country and one of the first female business woman in Zimbabwe. 

    When she was failing in health, the then Minister of Defense, Emmerson Mnangagwa visited her in the hospital.  We saw him also stand at her grave side, as we laid flowers on the dust...