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  • Infrastructure at Dampa has expanded

    Remember our GSI borehole project from early this year? We partnered with Dr. John Patton and Rotary to install a borehole and solar powered water pump at a local school in our area.  Along with it, we also installed two 10,000 litre water tanks and hand basins, so students would be able to wash their hands and drink the water.  This was very important because over 300 students attending the school had no water to wash their hands (a highly unsanitary environment for learners).  The school also hopes someday to equip a science laboratory, which would require water.

    How happy I was during an unscheduled visit to Dampa Secondary School today!  I found that the school had not wasted any time in constructing a building for flushing toilets.  While it’s still a skeleton of a structure, it’s refreshing to observe that the school took up this effort on its own - not waiting for outside help.  The building forms a cloak around the sinks which we built.  We also saw a pile of bricks, a sign of future development.

    Great work Mr. Khoza (school Headmaster) - Dr. Patton and others who supported your school will be delighted to know that the seed planted at your school is taking root...