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  • More Great Reasons to Escape To Hwange

    I'm always sharing stories about our life here at Gwango - and this month I am happy to share my favourite photo taken by a guest.  Janine spotted a bull elephant shaking the pods off a camelthorn tree... this is right outside our room!

    We can never predict moments like these, but, here are some more great reasons to book your next African safari with Gwango:

    1. We are situated on one of Africa’s most legendary elephant sanctuaries.

    2. We are a stone’s throw away from the Main Camp entrance to Hwange National Park.

    3. We are committed to restoring elephant habitat and protecting biodiversity.

    4. There are no fences at Gwango, so exceptional wildlife sightings can occur at any time.  Here's a photo from our most memorable cheetah sighting taken earlier this year!

    5. We have designed our establishments to cater to you whether you’re on a self-drive camping trip or a luxury expedition.

    6. We have a passion for food and exotic flavours, so when you stay at Gwango, you can expect to enjoy unique and delectable meals.

    7. We proudly showcase our local culture and we celebrate Hwange's rich heritage at Gwango Heritage Centre.

    8. We travel extensively within and out of Africa and have acquired a diverse global perspective.

    9. Each member of our staff is carefully selected to cater to your needs.

    10. We make it easy to select your room type and book right on our website at www.gwango.com

    It is always a great time to be in the bush with friends ...And when you stay at Gwango, you help provide a crucial water supply for elephants and other wildlife!

    Enjoy a wide array of accommodations - from the high-end, exclusive Gwango Elephant Lodge, to an old fashioned campsite and family friendly Bush Chalets at Gwango Heritage Centre. 

    Booking is easy, simply visit our website at www.gwango.com and click on the BOOK NOW button or send me an email.

    As always.. a huge thanks for your continued support.. we can't wait to see you soon in Hwange!

    Cheers for now,