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  • Fig trees and rabbit manure

    My first fig tree was given to me by a college friend as a birthday present many years ago.  Danny and I left the house we lived in, and I never got to see my fig tree grow.  So, this year, as a birthday present – I received not one but three fig trees.

    The big dilemma (as some of you may know), is how I’ll grow fig trees in an environment where elephants pluck literally every bit of vegetation that I plant.  Yes, there’s been a long history of failed experimentation with growing guava trees, mango trees, every sort of herb and vegetable imaginable. At least now, though – I have tons of rabbit pellets, which translates to gardening gold.

    I did eventually find a spot in the yard of our loft.  The fig trees are in the ground now.  Our soil here is Kalahari sands - not your optimal gardening environment. We dug holes, about 60cm wide/deep and lined them with reclaimed wood, creating a box to contain the roots of the trees. We then dropped some rocks in the bottom of the holes and filled the holes with layer of composted soil. Just waiting for a heep of organic rabbit manure to form and these beauties will be all set!