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  • Building nesting boxes

    On an ordinary day at Gwango, our resident carpenter Chareka might be building wooden shelves or fixing a door that’s swollen from the recent rains.  Curtain rods, window frames, chairs, beds and – even handrails are typically all made right here at Gwango. We are famously known for our recycled wooded furniture and fixtures, all complements of the elephants here. They drop trees and we recycle them.

    Lately, Chareka has become a masterful maker of nesting boxes for our rabbits.  After the fatal failure of our first kits, we are learning the rabbit breeding cycle. 

    1. Mate in the hutch of the buck
    2. Palpate at 10-14 days (this took some practice)
    3. Place the nesting boxes in the doe’s hutch at 28 days after breeding.