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Gwango Schools Initiative (GSI)

Along with wildlife conservation, education is the single most important aspect of Gwango's commitment to sustainability. We believe in the transforming power of education and the supportive role of travel philanthropy for a destination´s community development.  We believe that all education improves lives and encourages respect for the natural world and the use of its resources. 

Gwango is proud to support many projects in our communities.

» Gwango STEM Initiative (GSI)

The goal of the Gwango STEM Initiative (GSI) is to engage and inspire students to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), get excited about STEM and pursue a career in a STEM related occupation. 

» Gwango Career Pathways
  Headmasters from secondary schools in the area surrounding Hwange National Park join Gwango in hosting a Gwango Career Pathways event.  Students aged 13-15 years-old will benefit from a day of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) exploration and career guidance!

The students selected to participate are part of the incoming Form 1 class.  Most attend impoverished schools where biology, chemistry and physics are not part of their school curriculum. The goal of the Career Pathways event is to engage and inspire our students to learn about STEM, get excited about STEM and pursue a STEM related occupation.

Teachers from local schools will also attend the event. GSI was created in partnership with local area school heads and community leaders.

» Gwango STEM Competition 

The Gwango STEM Competition boosts science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in schools learning across Zimbabwe and inspires ambitious secondary school students to make their communities better with science and technology. The competition gives students the opportunity to implement community projects and potentially create a source of income for themselves.

2017 - the first Competition will be launched nationwide in Zimbabwe.
2018 - the Competition will be expanded to sub-Saharan countries

2019 - the competition will include students from all African countries