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  • Our day with a pangolin

    A pangolin emerged and was rescued from the riverbank where local villagers had been burning and clearing the vegetation to make way for crops.

  • An endangered bird is born

    Most days, we awaken to the soothing call of ground hornbills. An instrumental melody signaling the start of a new day in the wild. It's a regular occurrence here!

  • Here comes the rain again...

    If ever you’ll see an elephant smile it’s this time of year, when the rain clouds are bloated and the sky is angry and grumbling. It’s now that the heavens are kind and shed their weight unabated, filling our water troughs and our trunks with thirst quenching rainwater. The grass, shrubs and trees flourish with green – for a brief period, elephant has relief..

  • Drilling again at Gwango Heritage Resort

    Vimpy’s battered old drilling rig is back to drill yet another borehole for the elephants and wildlife at Gwango. This time, it’s at Gwango Heritage Resort near Gobelo Bar & Grill.

  • Insects galore

    It's almost the rainy season here, so I decided to dig up some of the fascinating insect photos I've taken at Gwango over the years.

  • Dragon has a new home

    Our German Shepherd puppies are growing quickly! As they get older, we’re getting to know their personalities. This beautiful day, just before sunset, we took young Rhys (my 5 year-old friend) to meet the pack of anti-poaching dogs.

  • Thirsty elephants in Hwange

    One of Gwango's top priorities is safeguarding and increasing water access for the wildlife in Hwange. Zimbabwe's Presidential Elephant herds visit our waterholes often and elephants are among the many wildlife species commonly seen in our area. They also require the most water.