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  • New Kennels for Canine APU

    More and more Gwango guests ask to visit our Canine Anti-Poaching Unit - and if you’ve dropped in lately, you’ll have seen the new kennels going up. We’re constructing 6 dog kennels at Gwango Empuli Village, which will eventually be accessible from Gwango Heritage Resort.

  • Ranger leaves Gwango K9 Anti-Poaching

    Danny tends to want to open all the dog kennels so we can see all the dogs at once, rather than one at a time. What follows is a frenzy as each dog rushes out to say hello.

  • Bob is a shy guy

    Cleaning rabbit hutches, feeding and petting the rabbits is quickly becoming my favourite passtime.

  • Red the buck

    Red has quite the personality. I’m able to pet him and he seems to enjoy the attention.

  • Dragon has a new home

    Our German Shepherd puppies are growing quickly! As they get older, we’re getting to know their personalities. This beautiful day, just before sunset, we took young Rhys (my 5 year-old friend) to meet the pack of anti-poaching dogs.